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I have Dell Inspiron 1720 that is giving me problems. Recently, it would not power up so I purchased a new power cord. Worked fine with new power cord. Yesterday, the cord was accidentally yanked put. Now it won't start at all. I purchased another new power cord and nothing. Same problem. The power cord is lit up but I can't get the computer to power up. HELP! Any ideas?
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  1. Hi,
    My name is Rajesh and I work for Dell Social Media Forum. As you mentioned that it is not powering on, can you try to use any other power outlet and also need to make sure the light is coming on the ac adapter. It could be possibility of bad DC port where you plugged in the power cord or could be the bad MOBO( motherboard). Also keep a check whether the ac adapter slot is not loose, if it is loose possibly it will require MOBO (mother board) replacement
    It is advisable that you can get it checked with any licensed tech if no power issue still remain on the computer.

    Dell-Rajesh K
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