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I am a first time builder and I just put together my first computer. When I first started it up, I didn't have a computer monitor and had to use my HDMI cable with our TV. I powered up and got a message saying something along the lines of it needed something to boot off of. No POST beeps, or BIOS came up. So, I loaded in Windows 7 and it began installing. Windows popped up very nicely and began the installation process under the custom installation. While it was expanding the files, it stopped and gave me a blue screen with very little information about the crash besides a lot of letters and numbers and destinations that I can't remember. Since that crash, when I start up my computer, nothing. No BIOS, no beeps, absolutely nothing, but the blackness of the TV does shift a bit when my computer turns on, so the computer is definitely sending some kind of blank signal.

I've tried moving the plastic cap over on the jumper and moving it back after a few minutes of being totally powered down. Also, I unplugged the SATA cables with my hard drive and disc drive just incase, and tried booting up. I know that those are okay though, because while doing the custom installation of Windows 7, it recognized my hard drive. The next step I have yet to try is to remove the battery from my motherboard and put it back.

Here's my computers specs:
CPU- AMD Phenom II x4 960t
GPU- XFX 6850
Mobo- ASUS M5A97
RAM- G. Skills Ripjaws X 8gb (4gb x2) 1600
HDD- Hitachi 7200rpm 500gb
PSU- Corsair TX650 V2
Cooler- Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO
Case- NZXT Gamma

Here is another post with a very similar problem, but I couldn't find my answer in the replies:

I also need to check my wiring again, but i am basically 100% positive it is all correct. I double checked it when I first plugged everything in, and had no problems. My tech-savy friend said although unlikely, BIOS could be loading on my computer faster than what it can load on the TV, since it is not a computer monitor. This could cause it to skip over BIOS. Sounds a little weird to me but who knows, I'm just throwing everything out there to make sure.
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  1. use the jsc proces on the other post
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