4 core processor shows 2 coreson windows

Hello, i have a core 2 extreme processor ,something happend to my pc and device manager shows only 2 cores
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  1. Is it a Core 2 Extreme X6800?
  2. fpoon said:
    Is it a Core 2 Extreme X6800?

    No, it is a core 2 extreme 2,66 ghz 8mb and the mainboard is msi p31 c33 DDR3. Actually I don't know the exact model of the cpu,but all i know is that it ran ok on 4 cores lately and that the problem was not caused neither from the bios nor from the system because I updated the bios and reset the system with the same results. I think I will have to take the case to a specialist because this is really an odd thing.
    Thank you anyway.
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