Designing new build around i3 2120T

Completely new to building but really excited about this first build (I'm currently scrounging up funds). I'm on a small budget and want to create a gaming rig that will let me play D3 on max settings when that day finally comes. I'm thinkin that with a good mobo I should be able to overclock the 2120T to around 3.4ghz.

I need some input as to a good value mobo for this build. I want to buy the nicest graphics card my processor will handle so if I splurge anywhere i want it to be in the gpu category ( a recomendation would be nice but i think im going with a 6970)

I can find decent fans and coolers but what kind of memory should I be getting? i don't think I'll need ssd i should be good with ddr3 right?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks
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  1. Best way is to do the research yourself. Also would be helpful if you post what your budget is rather than "im on a small budget". The 6970 would take up the entirety of a "small budget".
  2. You can't overclock a non-overclockable processor from 2.5 GHz to 3.4 GHz. You probably should buy a 3.3 GHz i3-2120 as that's very close to your 3.4 GHz target. Since you can't overclock the CPU, the stock cooler is fine.
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