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Hi, i am currently looking into purchasing a brand new desktop computer and have a $500, at most, budget. I want a computer that I can use for both gaming and 3D design programs found on the DAZ 3D website. Not too concerned with the 3D programs, as much as the gaming though haha. The kind of games i want to run at a preferably medium detail level would be games such as Counter strike: Global offensive, Skyrim, Battlefield 3, etc (more of the modern day releases)

I understand that some of these would be a stretch but i have to ask.

If it helps any, I found these two on my own that seem legit:

Open to many suggestions, except building a desktop from scratch, mostly looking for out of the box and done machines.

any help is appreciated. :D
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  1. You might wanna take a look at an AMD cyber power PC and downgrade some of their default models. The video cards in both of those machines are quite unsatisfactory for the games you want.
  2. Even if the settings were put to low?
  3. this might help:

    Battlefield 3 Performance: 30+ Graphics Cards, Benchmarked,3063.html
  4. That does help actually. I figured bf3 was wishful thinking. But otherwise, any computers you would recommend as getting the most bang for your buck for $500?
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    researching your choices . . based on gaming graphics involved that new egg gateway isn't really too shabby. here is a review of the integrated graphics

    BUT the actual cpu is different. 3600 vs 3850.
  6. That link is awesome! I really think this helped me alot!
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