First build - power on when plug in/ front panel advice

This is my first build and I've picked up some cheapish (working) parts to put together a basic computer for experimentation purposes and temporary file storage. And whatever else it will do really. Main purpose - to have a practice so I don't trash expensive parts.

First up I have put together the motherboard/ram/heatsink/psu and fans to do a test run while I wait for my Hard drive and CD drive to show up in the post. (I don't know if this was a good idea or not, but i've seen it reccomended on a couple of sites and I did want to see if the mobo survived the trip here.)

Everything is working, fans are boosting and it booted to the screen asking for a hard drive - except that it has started up when i plugged in the power, not when I pressed the power button.

Whether it's related or not I am positive that I have messed up with the front cables to motherboard, so I would really appreciate if someone could point me in the right direction. My problem was - from what I've read on google - fairly common, my cables from my box are different to the ports on the motherboard. Primarily because most of the adapters are two pin rather than one.

Attached is the manual lables for my ports:

My cables are as follows:
2 Pin: Reset SW
2 Pin: H.D.D Led
2 Pin: Power SW
1 Pin: + p LED
1 Pin: - p LED

For reference, here is my super flash parts list:

LGA775 Intel 915G chipset Motherboard-P4
500W "Aywun" ATX Power Supply
2 x 1GB DDR400 PC3200 Desktop RAM
Heatsink model no; BG0903-B049-P0S

I think that is all that I've got in there at the moment. Anything else I can try to supply on request. I've tried good old google but apparently it's more common that the computer won't turn on than it won't turn off, I must be lucky or something. Anyway, apologies for the noobish question.
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  1. usually in your motherboard manual it tells you. the way i messed up when i first built my pc is i put my pins vertically instead of horizontally. so i just had to switch that up and it was fine. from that photo i dont know how to help you because it doesnt show a diagram but the number usually corresponds with the pins on your mobo so search for the pins on your mobo and its usually labeled really small on there.
  2. No, no labels. That's the only diagram. I don't understand how it corresponds to the plugs I have. I mean sure, pin 1 is hard drive power? but my adapter takes two pins... Same with the reset button and the LED button. I don't know which is the second pin to use - 1 and 3 for power, 7 & 9 for reset, etc??

    I think

    is the numbering of the pins (That's the only diagram I can find in my manual).
  3. May have found a solution to the on off button. The motherboard case has the wires blocked into one port that covers the entire plug and when I plugged it in to MB and powered up it let me turn it OFF. So now it's not automatically powering up. Fingers crossed I can figure out a way to make this work. At least may be able to see the wires and where they go from the pre made >.>. Talk about complicated :D
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  5. You are a legend, thank you
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