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I have a problem here. What happened was I was listening to music, and the iTunes updater popped up, and I figured I hadn't updated in a while, so I may as well do it now. But after the update, I noticed there was something really wrong with my sound. Whenever I try to play a song from Youtube, I get way too much bass, and not enough treble. And the sound just sounds really fuzzy. Same thing happens whenever I play a game. My first thought was that there was something wrong with my headphones, but when I tried them on my laptop, and on my Xbox, the sound is fine. I also tried using my speakers on my desktop, but I got the same issues. But when I listen to a song on iTunes, I don't get these problems, the sound is perfect, just like it was before the update, it's only on any other application that I get the sound problems. The version I updated to was 10.6.3, are there any known bugs with this version that may have caused this problem? And I also looked around control panel to see if I could adjust the audio settings, but I couldn't find anything. The Realtek HD Audio Manager was no help either.

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!
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  1. Strange indeed. Most people, after updating iTunes, have sound issues in iTunes only, but everywhere else the sound is okay.

    Maybe re-installing the sound driver may fix it if iTunes has somehow messed with the default settings. If you don't have a driver CD for your PC, you can download the sound driver from the PC manufacturer's website.
  2. I fixed it. I had to reset my internet options, and for whatever reason, it fixed it.
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