Duel Monitor - Issues?

Right so first off this is my first time posting on this forum, so I apologies if this is in the wrong section or anything.

I recently decided to hook up a second monitor to my PC, but before I could have chance to test it properly my PC broke and had to go into the shop for a repair. Anyway I get it back and noticed that my games had started to Stutter when my characters were moving. I assumed the graphic card the shop had put in was a downgrade, so i ordered and installed a GTX Geforce 560 Ti, Stuttering problems continued. A friend off mine suggested that it could be due to the fact I have the two monitors, so my question is, can 2 Monitors cause noticeable game play issues, like the one I mentioned.

Current PC Specs are as followed..

i5 2500k Quad Core 3.3ghz
GTX Geforce 560 Ti
8gb Ram

Thanks in advance.
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  1. I'm running two monitors in 1080p and am not experiencing any stutter/framerate issues. Which games are you playing?
  2. I mostly play WoW and the new SWTOR, i unplugged the second monitor outa curiosity and the problems stopped on WoW, but persist on SWTOR.
  3. Well while the one monitor is doing heavy 3d games, the other on is just idle right? I mean, normally when you are sitting there looking at your desktop, the gpu is at like 2% usage at most, so I dont think having an idle monitor on the side would drain that much power from your game on the other monitor.

    Stuttering problems sound like the game engine.... Like I had problems in Bad Company 2 where it would stutter violently when in a vehicle, but that engine sucked throughout anyway.
  4. So if its a game engine issue, my only choice is to put up, shut up and hope it gets fixed right?
  5. Try reinstalling your game, but that second monitor isnt a drain on a card, i think i read somewhere a static background is only 5 mb of info.
  6. I play SWTOR with two monitors just fine, along with my two friends, so I don't think it's an engine issue.
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