How can i apply gspot proposed solutions and test


I just downloaded 2 MKV files for divx plus player

and I couldn't hear any sound plus the quality was quite good when it works properly.

while searching for solurions, I downloaded the GSpot software wich gave the Proposed Codec solutions and Tests. Surprisingly, It worked perfectly (soud and image) then retried on Divx plus player which didn't improve at all.

I'm on a windows 7

Here are the proposed codec solutions and what do I have to apply those solutions?
(Src)-->>--(A)-->[DivX H.264 Decoder]>--(B)-->[ffdshow Video Decoder]>--(c)--> \\first line

(Src)-->>--(A)-->[ffdshow Audio Decoder]>--(B)-->[AC3Filter]>--(c)-->[ffdshow Audio decoder]>--(D)-->[Default Direct Sound Device] \\second line
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  1. I have always used K-Lite codec and have never had a playback problem. I'd also recommend VLC player.
  2. +1 ^ to VLC player, tends to run things with more support than DIVX Player.
  3. I've never used VLC player for HD files (it's been ages since i've used one mostly to watch low quality movies *ugh my eyes*

    Can VLC handle them? If yes, what should i do to make it compatible with mkv files
    since i'm new here I really need a step by step approach.

    thanks for your response
  4. VLC will run any video files fine, nothing should be done for it to read them, once you installed DIVX you should have the codecs it needs to play them.

    You can also install the code pack inmann mentioned, also AC3 Filter is good to install for audio.
  5. I use K-Lite mega codec pack and Media Player Classic that comes with it, it runs 99% of stuff you throw at it. In those 1% cases I use VLC player. I'm used to MPC interface and how it works, that's why I use VLC just as a backup player.
  6. Ok thanks

    for helping me out

    i'll try the VLC route.
  7. I personally dont like using VLC (it always wants to interlace progressive scan videos for some reason, and other odd little quarks), but if I find a file that NOTHING will play, then VLC always gets the job done. For general use I use the kLite codec pack and just use WMP for most of my playback options.
    fyi, Divx is just about dead, it may be time to move on.
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