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Just got the box in the mail, and it includes no info on how to install the asus gtx 580 directcu ii into my computer. I went ahead and gave it a try, the computer turns on but the screen stays blank. any ideas? no videos on everyone secretly installing their cards or what?

i am so ready to get going!! please advise.
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  1. Did you plug in the power connectors ? What powersupply do you have ? Please tell all your system specs, mobo, psu etc.
  2. Here is a pic of what we are talking about
  3. is the card on? like fan spinning?

  4. lol

    plug it into the motherboard - make sure it is firmly in,

    also, plug the cable it came with into a connector

    it looks similar, but not exactly, like this

    Also, what is your PSU ? does it have enough power to run it ?
  5. this a 580 installed and plugged in

  6. copy everything this man does.

    That's how you do it, it doesn't matter what card it is, that's how.

    The other end of the 6pin/8pin connector will be a molex.

    Connect that Molex to a matching one coming from your PSU. You may not have one spare.

    Take photos of inside your case and show us.
  7. also, did you plug in the display adapter in to the card instead of the motherboard?
  8. also, you may need 2 ''3 pin molex'' cables coming from your psu.

    how many of these does your psu have on it BEFORE you install it, or similar looking, not exact , of these in the picture

  9. see the blue thing ??

    plug the cable coming from the back of your PC screen into it, use the converter if necessary in case it doesn't fit.

  10. if you followed our advice, it should be working now

    when it is complete

    it should look something like this
  11. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  12. Pause this video at 2:04

    watch the whole thing too,

    at 2:04 is where you plug in your pc screen/monitor cable
  13. When the card is installed into the motherboard

    connect the cable from the back of your pc monitor

    to the back of the graphics card

    Hopefully your PSU has 2 molex connectors to accept the 6pin/8 pin connector.

    If your PSU has a 6pin/8pin connector coming out of it, skip the rest of my post

    If it doesn't, read on,



    After the 6 pin /8 pin is plugged into the gtx 580, like picture

    the other end of the 6/8pin cable needs to be connected to a cable coming from your power supply,

    to a cable that looks similar to this




    If your psu does not have any, then you may need to atatch them, using an adaptor, of whatever cables are left to use up from your PC, like a

    sata to 4 pin molex connector.

    take some pics of inside your case and the installation of the card you did.
  14. Even my mother could install that gpu with this info. Thumbs up !
  15. Here's a video on how to install a graphics card whether it is AMD or nVidia:
  16. Hey fuggles you are to much love your spread and Pics. Way to go.
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