Quick question about Hyper EVO RPM

So I've been running plenty of tests on my new build lately and one thing I haven't really taken into account is my EVO fan's rpm...

I have a 3770k running at 3.7 on turbo. On idle (temps around 27-32C) my EVO's fan sits at about 700rpm-725rpm

On full load in Prime95 it varies, usually between 1450-1550 rpm keeping it in the mid to upper 50s.

Was wondering if these rpms seem too high? I'm thinking I may have messed up the thermal compound and it isn't transferring heat well, making the EVO fan work over time?
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  1. About 1500rpm sounds right to me for a loaded fan speed. However, if you know you used too much thermal compound (more than a small dab) you should redo it anyway.
  2. No I used a rice grain sized blob (not pea size) in about the center of the chip's spreader and then placed the heat sink on and that was it. It's screwed down tight. My idle temps are still in the upper 20s/lower to mid 30s. I was thinking maybe I didn't use enough though or something....

    I had it 100% stressed in prime95 before to 3.9 ghz on all cores and the fans got up to about 1700rpms. I'm assuming this is normal for a turbo boost to 3.9 ghz?

    Was wondering if maybe the fans are compensating for a poor thermal compound application....sorry I'm kind of obsessive and paranoid...
  3. Sounds like you did it just right. Stop obsessing and enjoy your computer. That's an order.
  4. Haha OK, but I might invest in a different fan than the one that came with the hyper evo....not that I plan on running a 100% load on 3.9 ghz very often, but when it gets over 1500 rpm it gets very loud.

    It also seems to take a while to cool down from a long stress test. I just checked it idling when it first boots up (before I stress it) and it sits below 700rpm. I guess the constant stressing is the thing that keeps it idling in the mid 700s.
  5. Mine stays about 700 to 740 when idle.
  6. Yup those are my exact idle ranges.

    How quiet is it, by the way? It's hard for me to tell because my exhaust fan is insanely loud and I can't be bothered to unhook that to test the cooler master.

    Replacing the exhaust soon though.
  7. Very quiet.
  8. Thats the thing with the Evo. Their fans are slower than the 212+ and so theyre quieter. If youre wanting a little more airflow, you can grab one of the 212+ Blademaster fans for $13 shipped. Even though theyre stockers, theyre still excellent fans. I added a 2nd one to my 212+ for push/pull and shaved off an extra 3C off my P95 temps.

    This is the 212+ Blademaster fan.
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