Have I damage my PSU or something else?

About 6 days ago I transferred my PC from upstairs to downstairs and before the transfer it had run fine for over a year. I had a few cans of air duster and gave it a clean out, which went absolutely fine until I was dusting the PSU and being the idiot I am, tipped the can too far and gave a quick blast of liquid. I decided to leave the PC for 24 hours to be safe and went out to a friends house. I came back later to find my partner had come home and hooked it back up about 2 hours after I did that.

Over the next few days there were some weird problems but nothing too drastic. To start with about Half the screen look like it is ghosting with horizontal flashing lines, that lasted around 1-2 minutes then cleared up. I have had a few graphical boot up errors where the screen was not displaying correctly and required a reboot as it was unusable, it looked zoomed in, lots of large dots... hard one to describe? both problems seemed graphics related and I thought I might have damaged the card so I checked it was seated and replaced the cable going to the monitor and I have not had any problems for the last few days.

I left the PC running overnight and when I came downstairs the next morning I found "Power Surge on the Hub Port" and have been getting that error repeatedly every few hours for the last few days. I only have a wireless mouse adapter, keyboard with it's own power supply (Logitech G19) and 5.1 surround headphones attached and they all work fine every time the message comes up.

I read that PSU's failing can cause multiple hardware errors and the USB problem can be another sign of it. Now add my Air duster Incident and I get the impression it "could" be PSU. I can usually Google my way out of a software problem but hardware has been good to me over the years and I have never really needed to replace anything, so I have little experience in this area and also do not have any spare parts to swap out to test it either, is there a way to tell what is causing the problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. USB power surges can sometimes be the result of a broken USB socket, check the sockets to make sure the little plastic bit inside is present, these break off if a device is forced in the wrong way. If the metal pins touch the casing, it'll spike the USB bus and start causing problems.

    You can also pick up a cheap PSU for next to nothing for testing purposes. It might be worth trying it.

    Incidentally, the air spray that got into the system would have evaporated completely after a few minutes, if not seconds, so I wouldn't worry about that. I think your problems are coincidental, it sounds crazy but cleaning your machine can actually kill it... I've seen it many times before. Hell, just moving the machine can kill it lol... That isn't to say that you shouldn't clean it though, just be careful when you do :)
  2. Thanks for replying I though I was being super careful but I suppose you never know? I am glad to know the spray shouldn't have caused damage. I have checked USB's and cannot see any apparent or obvious damage to the plastic or pins. I also unplugged everything and tested each USB with a wired optical mouse and have confirmed that there are no dead ports, all installed the mouse drivers and worked, I tested each port for 15-20 seconds. I plugged the keyboard, wireless mouse and headphones back in and shortly after got the message again.

    I forgot to mention that the morning I came down and had the power surge in hub message, the internet was also off. Windows had to reset the connection or renew the IP address or something similar (I was tired), only my PC's port on the router was flashing indication a problem, the rest were all green

    Is there a way to find which port or ports are causing the fault and disable them?
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