Low FPS on my 6870

Hello, ive been to toms website for tech info alot lately, and i have a question so i made an account. I recently purchased a xfx 2gb 6870 graphics card from newegg.com, and i feel like its performing worse than my sapphire 5770 in some games. for example in starcraft 2 i would get 45 fps in intense combat with my 5770, but in intense combat with the 6870 i go to 25 or 20. Im playing at 1080p all ultra settings, and i did uninstall all old drivers, and even reinstalled new drivers, but it seems to still have problems. Any suggestions would be great thanks!

Here are my current specs

Amd phenom II X4 840 processor 3.20 ghz
XFX 2gb ddr5 6870
8gb gskill 1333 ram
500 gb wd hard drive
OCZ Onyx Series 32 GB Internal solid state drive
Power and Cooling Sliencer Mk II 950 watt 80 plus silver certified Power Supply
msi 880gm-E35 motherboard

thank you
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  1. you were playing on ultra with a 5770?

    anyways, sc2 is more cpu bound than a lot of games and could be a strain on your cpu in intense battles. Also, even the best hardware available can't handle some of the custom games at good frame rates.

    try testing in other games to see the difference.
  2. Alright, yeah i know hard to believe but i was playing ultra on my 5770, and in desert strike i would get 100-70 fps. Then it would drop to like 40 at way 40, but now card the 6870 goes from 120, down to about 30 Also i tried wow. I would get about 100 fps on ultra in gold shire, now i lag just walking around on ultra with the 6870, nonetheless on battlefield 3 i do have performance increase. Do you think it could be the drivers? and how can i test how much my cpu is working during a sc2 game? Thank you.
  3. try running Driver Sweeper and remove all GPU drivers then go to AMD's website and install the latest drivers.

    If wow is lagging that bad, then it could be a driver issue.
  4. well the first time i installed the drivers were from online and it lagged horribly, then when i re installed i actually did it from the DVD it came with then it was even worse.
  5. I had this issue with my own 6870. Turning down anti aliasing, and turning off dynamic shadows, if necessary, helped out a lot. 4x AA is generally very good, and almost doubled my frame rate in most games compared to 8x, which was on by default.
  6. Do you have vsync on?
  7. i got it so i could max out my games in all the settings, its kind of dissapointing that in some games it runs worse, but atleast in the newer ones it runs better. I did have v sync on, but i turned it on after i tried it all maxed out. If aa was the problem, why would sc2 run worse jw. Is it a driver issue? Alright ill try it though, ill keep aa on 2x or off.
  8. so with aa off i do run smoother on most games, although im still having problems with sc2 on ultra
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