Will this card in my case ?

I am wondering if a ASUS HD6950 2GB Direct CU II will fit in Zalman Z9 case. If it makes any difference the MB is Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3
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  1. best way is to measure the inside of your case and look at the card physical specs
  2. Lol I have exact same card and case! Haha.
    I dont think the mobo matters but I am using an ASUS p8z68-v

    The thing is it bumps up against the hdd release plastic things.

    the little plastic things sticking out of the HDD cage get in the way. But once its in, its no problem.
  3. I received the card today. This card doesn't fit in the first pci-e slot, the one closest to the cpu , it bumps into the cage that houses the cd-roms. Luckily my MB has several pci-e slots and the 2nd one is 16x also. Using the 2nd slot it fits just like Max1s described. It slightly bumps into the hdd release plastic things, which you can easily bend a bit and then it snaps into place. Although now i have a few uncovered expansion slots in the back of my case from my last video card.
  4. Ah ok, I guess on your Mobo the pci slots are higher up than mine. Glad to hear it does work tho.

    Have fun gaming!
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