Go SLI or buy better graphics card???

Currently I using a gtx 460 (768mb) graphics card and I've found it's just not keeping up with the games I'm playing at the settings I want... I am thinking about going sli but I would need a new psu which would set me back £70 not forgetting £100 for an extra graphics card. So my question is would it be better to do the above or to buy something like a gtx 560 for £150 and sell my current graphics card?

Pc spec:
AMD Phenom X4 CPU
Windows 7 32 bit
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  1. Not much of an upgrade I believe. What games are you playing that a GTX 460 can't handle?
  2. I don't think they sell 460 768mb any more but sli would probably be the better option if you have the psu for it. the 560 would be maybe 30% faster so it might be worth it.
  3. Hello.
    That it's not keeping up is probably partially because the vram, so sli-ing wouldn't help much. Going from a 460 to a 560 ( non ti ) isn't much of an upgrade, you really should go for a 560ti / 6870 / 6950 if you wanne get more performance.
  4. Well on the nvidia website it says that I should be able to play battlefield 3 on ultra but when I run there checker it says that I need a better graphics card??
  5. They mean the 1G version probably, still it would have a hard time on ultra i think.
  6. You need a GTX 570 to play BF3 on Ultra with good framerates.
  7. So do you think a 560ti would be better than gtx 460 in sli?
  8. yes the 560 ti will be better than the sli option.
  9. esrever said:
    yes the 560 ti will be better than the sli option.

    Performance wise it would not be a better option but I agree with you because a single GTX 560 Ti has the added VRAM and the option for a second one down the road.
  10. esrever said:
    yes the 560 ti will be better than the sli option.

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