Flashing Radeon 6850 to 6870?

Hi, I wanted to flash my 6850 to a 6870. I know that it won't change shader clocks and will only bump my clock speeds to the 6870. The reason I wanted to do so was because I'm currently using a Gigabyte 6850 and for some reason, my voltage is locked even though I unlocked the function in Afterburner. After doing some research, I found out that the only way to increase the voltage in the Windforce series is to flash the bios of 6850 to 6870, giving the 6850 inheritance of the 6870 volts. I was wondering, after I finished flashing it, will I need to download the drivers of the 6870? Also, would this method work for this?


Thanks in advance.
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  1. Word of warning, my friend did this and bricked his card. The 6900 series has a toggle for the bios in case you screw up. Not so most of the 6800's. Also note that is can't be done on all the cards. You can find all this out with a little google.

    Try "flash 6850 to 6870" and you will see tons of thread from many many different forums.
  2. don't do it, they are totally different boards, you will most likely brick your card for the sake of 1 more FPS.
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