High CPU Usage

Hello, I've been seeing some quite high numbers on the CPU usage when nothing is open, it used to function properly, like 0-5% when browsing the web and around 50% in game.
Computer Spec:
MSI Z77A-G43
Intel Core i5-3570K
Radeon HD7850
2GB DDR3 1333Mhz RAM
500GB WD Caviar Black

I did have 4GB ram but i built a computer for my sister and it turns out the RAM i had for it was faulty, so I gave her 2GB of mine so she can use it for now, but im not sure if the RAM could be a bottleneck to my CPU and cause these high CPU usage figures? My RAM usage is obviously quite high as I only have 2GB, its at idle around 60% and in games usually 100% so im not playing very many games until i get the replacement RAM. But what other causes for high CPU usage are there?
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  1. What operating system do you have? 2GB would minimally meet the requirements of Windows 7 so that could be why your RAM usage is high. I would try to get at least 4GB. Check if there are any background processes running.
  2. Bloatware in downloaded programs, don't know, borrow the RAM back from your sister and see if that solves it, then buy 2Gb more if it does. (Or reinstall windows that seems to fix everything, (like the software way of turning it off and on again :P)).
  3. 2gb ram shouldn't technically be the reason behind high cpu usage, close any other background software, use something like glary's utility (free version) and get rid of anything you don't use (for instance like adobe acrobat reader which turns on every time you turn on your computer).
  4. or use mscofig and turn off the stuff that you dont need.
  5. Thankyou for the advice, I will try some of the tips mentioned and post if it helps. I do plan on getting 8GB of corsair vengeance 1600mhz ram in the next few weeks, I was just wondering if I had broken it or something :P
  6. Also I have Windows 7 64-bit
  7. Fantastic, thanks a lot, I used msconfig ( i didn't know it existed :P) and turned off a load of stuff that starts on startup that i never use :P, never goes above 10% now although i've heard Mozilla Firefox has some freakishly high cpu usage sometimes, which is the browser i use
  8. msconfig can't always shut every unwanted process off. Take a look at all the processes in windows task manager. This lists everything that is running. If you want to know what something is, Google the process name. If it is something that you don't use, Google how to shut it off. This is tedious but it's what you gots to do sometimes. Gotta love bloatware.
  9. Thanks a lot pearlman, will do. Because it stopped the high usage for a few days then it went back up again, I've got my new ram (8GB Corsair Vengeance 1600Mhz) and its still sitting at 25% with literally nothing open.
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