I have a
Pentium 4 CPU 2.66 GHz
230 W
4Gb of DDR RAM
GeForce 6200 512Mb DDR2

I will use this to run two HD monitors 1920x1200 for visual studio on windows XP and eclipse on linux

Is there a better video card that would still run on my (only 230W) power supply?

On board video was useless even for moving windows around: shared memory max was 32Mb, so going to 512Mb ona graphics card was a noticable improvement,
but moving a window diagonally still leaves non-refreshed area for almost a second (on linux, better on XP)

Would upgrading to 1Gb of memory even be noticale for regular move/resize/scroll window content type work (no gaming)?
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  1. the ram should not be a problem. there are very few cards available that can run on 230 watts but you may try something like a 8400 gs or a 220 gs.
  2. It's not lack of video memory, it's lack of processing power. Graphics card speed isn't directly proportional to it's memory.
  3. Thanks...
    Major detail I have forgotten: only old PCI slots and one AGP slot :(
    So 8400 and 220 will not work.

  4. pci slots are backward compatible, it probably still works
  5. I think there is an AGP Radeon HD 5450 floating in existence...
    esrever: PCI slots do NOT work with PCI-E cards.

    Way better than what you have.,review-32335-7.html

    By 11 tiers!

    Though, it's overpriced, but you won't get anything better for AGP.
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