Upgrading Dell XPS 8100

I'm looking to possibly upgrade my Dell XPS 8100.

It has a core i7 860 @ 2.80 ghz. Currently I have an ATI Radeon HD 5770, looking to move up to a 6950 or a GTX 560.

I was wondering what all will I need to upgrade/change with my current system to be able to use these cards? I know I will need to upgrade the PSU but not sure what else I will need to do.
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  1. a new psu would probably be all you need for the new cards.
  2. Yeah that is kind of what I am thinking. Currently I have a 350 watt PSU, how much wattage would you recommend for a new PSU?
  3. if you run the 6950 or a 560, the minimal would be about 500watts from a decent manufacturer.

    anything above 500 watts should be good.
  4. What would be your verdict between getting a 6950 or a 560?
  5. I would say the 6950 due to it being slightly more powerful but either one would be good. The 560 ti does OC quite well from what I heard if you want to try it.

    mostly just depend on the games play, if you play a lot of nvidia sponsored titles you should definately get the 560 ti but other than that the 6950 should be a bit faster.
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