Should i buy gpu and ssd or gpu and psu

hello im going to upgrade my rig soon and just needed some help
i have 250euros to spend and i thought of buying a new gpu(sapphirehd6850)current is 4850 and an ssd ocz agility 3 beacuase of the loading times in most games(bf3 with hdd takes 1,5 mins and my friends ssd takes 15 secs)but then a friends of mine remembered me of my old psu(500w) i have it for 3 years and i dont know what brand it is.if i buy of psu im thinking of a corsair gs 700w.the recomended psu for the card is 500w btw.

so what you think i should do??
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  1. Unless the game is actually stored on the SSD, then there will be almost no speed benefit, so you'll need a large SSD, obviously costing more money! (much more than a new PSU)
  2. The GPU and the PSU, you'll need to more powerful PSU to power the GPU and unless you copy the entire contents of the HDD onto the SSD it will be pointless! BTW. What site are you using?
  3. Hey I did some research and I found a way of getting all three but at a slightly reduced performance!
    GeForce GT 430 - 1 GB GDDR3 - here's it running bf3 ultra settings
    OCZ ModXStream Pro 700W PC Power Unit
    OCZ Vertex Plus Series - 2.5" internal Solid state drive - 120 GB

    All of these add up to exactly €250
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