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I am looking at purchasing a 3d monitor to pair with my Radeon HD 6950. So far the Samsung SA750 or SA950 fits the bill.

Does anyone know the difference between these two monitors? Samsung 'compare' function shows DVI dual link difference, but what does that mean?

The monitors also claim to be capable of 120hz; but will it look like 60 hz(split for each eye), or will it actually be true 120hz for each eye?
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  1. The monitors will be 60 Hz per eye.

    But that's all I know, sorry.
  2. The difference between the 750 and 950 is size only as far as I'm aware. I think the 750 is a 24" while the 950 is a 27".

    It is 60 hz per eye, but they are alternating. You may find it actually feels smoother than normal 60hz gaming, as your mind is being fed info at 120hz, but half in each eye.
  3. Nope, both models come in both screen sizes.

    Helpful info on the 120hz though. I guess this is something that needs to be experienced. If it does not feel as smooth as true 120hz, I wont touch it.
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