Which brand of 6790 should I buy?

I'm building my first PC and I plan to use a Radeon HD 6790. The problem is all the different manufacturers. I do not know which one is the best. From what I see, it looks like XFX is the way to go, but I'm not sure. Have you bought one before? If yes, what brand?
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  1. Every where I have been looking the XFX for the AMD/ATi side is one of the top 4. They should have a chart on here for the cards. I haven't found it yet.
  2. Which brands are you considering ? XfX is working fine for me but there are many other brands and really all of them seem to be reputable. even some brands they are not selling in the north american market are still good.
  3. MSI, Sapphire, HIS, ASUS, XFX. Those are good, just buy the cheapest one there.
  4. Also consider the various cooling systems and warranties available. In the end it's all the same card, with different bonuses. For example, MSI and HIs are good in the cooling departmen while XFX has the lifetime warranty. It is what it's worth to you.
  5. I recommend the XFX Double D cooling, you can overclock it a lot.
  6. Just a clue, AMD makes ALL the chips. The more expensive examples usually have better cooling systems that will be quieter under load and afford more headroom when overclocking. Also, some of them have "binned" chips that clock higher and are selected for that reason.
  7. The XFX DD cooling is very good for the price and has heatpipes + 2 fans
  8. Edit: Sorry thought you were talking about 6970, and not 6790. Oops! :D
  9. Get the IceQ X if you get the money, even though it has one fan only than one fan is equal to 2 fans.
  10. TheRandomWookie said:

    Double D first choice
    IceQ x second choice
    But it is up to you what you want and not what we want. You have been given a lot of good advice here and you should be good to go with what you want to do. Good Luck to ya
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