Recommend me a i7 and motherboard plz!

Hi All,

I have a budget of around £350 to £400 pounds.

Im looking to buy a CPU, and Motherboard.

I have trawled the internet for CPU+Motherboard bundles and my head is now even more confused than before.

I want something thats going to give me the best gaming performance, I will transfer my NVidia GPU over, and al other components and HD etc etc.

Preferable i7 Processer, and Any other decent motherboard which gives me some decent longevity.

Does anyone have a good site or recommend some options for me? Simple as possible please im not the IT Geek i want to be in this area!.

Many Thanks
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  1. Usually if you buy a cpu and mobo, you buy ram too, any reason your not? What Nvidia video card are you using?

    Nobody could possibly give you any real suggestions without knowing your uses and plans. Just gaming? Any Editing? Overclocking? SLI/Xfire?

    Your choices of motherboards range from $55-$200+ (I'm using US Dollars). Depending on your needs.

    I don't know how anyone could recommend a G1 Sniper for $179 (USD) without knowing your uses because if your not overclocking or using dual video cards that would be an absolutely stupid suggestion.
  2. From the OP

    I want something thats going to give me the best gaming performance

    Hence the sniper that doesn't actually cost a whole lot more than decently featured other boards and fits in his budget

    Maybe actually read the OP's post before you call someone stupid.... infact if more americans read before commenting the world may be a better place.
  3. I read his post perfectly.

    First of all I didn't call anyone stupid. Maybe British kids should study reading comprehension?

    Secondly, I'm not American, I'm German and Labanese.

    Thirdly, if he's not overclocking or running multiple video cards, a H77 or B75 would provide the exact same GAMING PERFORMANCE at half the price or less. So yeah, it does cost A LOT more.
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