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Newbie needs help installin hd 6850

i have a quick question, just bought a new hd6850 to upgrade from my onboard hd4200 never done an upgrade before on a pc and i was wondering if i just go ahead and install the hd6850 will in recognize it or do i need to disable the hd4200 first? im not actaully sure on how this works.
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  1. go ahead

    install it

    i dare you

    you have to put your pc monitor cable in it too, just to make sure
  2. well you were zero help. thank you
  3. why


    just install it

    don't bother disabling onboard graphics

    if you plug your monitor into it, it will automatically detect it and bypass onboard graphics
  4. thanks, so can i leave the old 4200 driver aswell or should i remove it? i know the question sounds dumb but ive never done this before. i hate onboard graphics i find them annoying
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    You just intall it make sure all the cables are hooked up right and I think you have to connect a 6 pin connecter to the back side of the card. I don't know much about the HD cards. Then make sure your cable is from the monitor to where your card is not where your on borard was.

    Then boot up and when it is booted then make sure all drivers for it is up to date but you can do that at any time you want. Later if you want to disable the on board graphic then you can do it from device manager or your bios.

    It is not nessary to do it at all if you don't want to, I hope this was a little help and Good luck to you
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  7. thanks alot. i figured that was all was needed just love to confirm stuff before i jump into it.
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