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What size case should i get (Mid vs Full Tower)

Any reason to get one or the other
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  1. basically,
    full tower= biggest mainstream case you will get, often come at a price.
    mid tower= between full tower and mATX, almost always supports ATX motherboards
  2. A full tower would allow for more components and potentially a greater amount of cooling. However, a mid tower is usually plenty for the average person. For instance, this has been a very popular case for years:

    Unless you have plans to build a system that specifically requires a full tower case, a mid tower option will most likely suffice.
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    Unless you actually need all the extra drive bays, possible extra fan mounts or interior space to mount stuff like phase-change compressor or custom water loop components, full-tower is not worth the trouble.

    With most cables and accessories today designed around mid-tower dimensions, you might run into surprises trying to fit 'standard' accessories in a full tower.
  4. ok thats a good point. any suggestions for a good mid tower case that has great cooling with a bold look/ cool look
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  6. If you want something really unusual in more ways than one with "great airflow", the Antec Skeleton probably fits the bill.

    I personally am more of a practical type, I would be more interested in a "silentified" version of Antec's 302.
  7. i like the 302 but my only issue is that it doesnt seem to have the greatest cooling.
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