Memory Management Blue Screen

I don't know how much I should type, since my blue screens occur quite often. Let's just say that the problem is severe, and is an always occurring thing when I start up my computer. My blue screens are either for memory management or sometimes I get a Page Fault in not paged area or something to that extent. The point is this problem has been going on for 2 weeks and it makes me want to buy an SSD altogether, but I know that this is a hardware/driver problem. So, couple of questions.

1. What is the memory management BSOD?

2. How do I fix it?

I've provided a picture of some stuff that might be helpful.

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  1. Get different RAM. That should fix it.

    I suggest CT2KIT51264BA1339.

    - Edit - Feel free to borrow some from somebody else with a similar system and test it in your PC before you go out and buy some. You can try your RAM in their PC too.
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