CPU or Mobo Problem?

Sooo in the past three days I've been really unfortunate. Basically, the computer I built for my little brother was running a little hot so I decided to replace the thermal paste. This is the biggest mistake I have ever made with computers. Long story short, I've had to apply thermal paste about 4 different times because it was running too hot. After my latest attempt at reapplying however, the PC doesn't boot. When I press the power button, all the case fans run, the GPU fan runs, HDD runs, and the CD Drive works. Yet I receive no visuals on my screen and no longer hear a beep from the mobo (yes there is a small speaker attached to the front panel connector). After hours of research, I attempted practically everything known to the world of computers concerning this issue:

-Took the mobo out of the case and attempted to boot with just 1 RAM stick and GPU
-Attempted to boot with nothing but the cpu
-Took the battery out of the mobo to reset CMOS (tried 30 mins and 60 mins)
-Reapplied paste TWICE
-Ensured the cpu was squeaky clean along with the HSF
-Examined mobo but did not see any burns or signs of thermal paste on the surface
-Took the cpu out of its socket, made sure it was clean, and placed it back.

I am filled with regret and now realize it was a stupid idea to replace the thermal paste. Before all this, the PC ran completely fine but reached around 65-70C on load, and thats why I wanted to replace the paste. But it seems apparent that now I have either fried my cpu completely or messed up my mobo somehow. I have accepted that I must replace one of these, but my main question is: Which one is giving me the issue?

Thanks for the help
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    I can sympathize with your anguish. Not a good out come.
    What kind of TIM did you use? Was it electrically conductive like AS5? And what CPU/board do you have? If you look under a magnifying glass at the surface of the processor and the socket, can you see any traces of TIM?
    Use some cleaner like isopropyl alchohol or this stuff:
    ...and a cotton swab to clean anywhere you may have gotten the TIM contaminated. Let it rest awhile before re-assembling and powering up.
  2. I did use AS5 and I couldn't notice any traces of the TIM on the board or the socket but using a magnifying glass is a good idea. And it's ok to clean the mobo with alcohol? But thanks for the reply :)

    Luckily, both my mobo and cpu seem to be covered by warranty so I might be fortunate with an RMA. This is a last resort of course, but I'm trying to figure out which one is defective.
  3. Ahh... I would hold off applying alcohol to the board. I'm not sure what that would do to the surface treatment on the board. If the items are still under RMA time, don't do anything that would void that. Clean the surfaces good with cleaner, let everything rest and dry for a day, and try again tomorrow. And remember, you only use a tiny amount of AS5. That's why I asked which cpu/board you had. Here's the instructions for proper application...

    And try to remember if you forgot anything obvious... like leaving the CPU fan unplugged. Or not turning on the PSU. Or something else. I know what you're going to say.... "What kind of idiot to you take me for?" I'd be too embarrassed to tell you some of the dumb things I've done.
  4. Yeah I made sure to use just the size of a rice grain of the AS5 and I've gone over all my possible mistakes and solutions :/ But the board still looks brand new so does that increase my chances of a successful RMA?
  5. Where was it from?
  6. It's ok, I solved my problem :D The mobo and cpu were perfectly fine I was just dumb >.< I simply forgot to plug in the 8pin connector to power the cpu xD Im a shame to the computer community but thanks for the help!
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  8. Slayerofdragons911 said:
    It's ok, I solved my problem :D The mobo and cpu were perfectly fine I was just dumb >.< I simply forgot to plug in the 8pin connector to power the cpu xD Im a shame to the computer community but thanks for the help!

    I've done that before, no biggie. Sometimes the smallest things trip you up because you're trying to be so precise with everything else. lol
  9. Let anyone who hasn't done something dumb like that raise his/her hand.
    What? No hands?
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