Is my PSU causing my display driver to crash all the time?

Just a few days ago, I got my pre-built computer in and the display adapter constantly crashes.

I load up a live stream video and the driver crashes.

I play any game, the driver crashes and I get blue squares going diagonal across my screen.

I get on Skype for 5 minutes and everything crashes.

It seems if I run any program, my driver crashes.

I checked the +12v voltages in the bios and it's fluctuating at 12.144 to 12.196 back and forth constantly.

Is this a bad PSU or is it a bad GPU?

My PSU is the 750 Watt Corsair CMPSU-750TXV2 and my video card is the GTX 670 EVGA Superclocked.
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  1. No you have a good PSU, it will be the drivers you are using for your video card, you will have to play around with different versions to find the most stable. if it is not Drivers could be a problem with video card. but i would first suggest u update your drivers, if this does not help then it will be the GPU
  2. I have updated my drivers to the latest and still no luck.

    301.42 driver version, GTX 670 Superclocked.
  3. possible bad gpu?? or failing/
  4. If u have tried multiple different driver versions then it will be a problem with the GPU. i have had the exact same problem with my EVGA SC cards, this mean returning the card, idealy you should just send the GPU to EVGA who offer good RMA support espeacilly if it is a new purchase, go to their website and follow the RMA process, they will also be able to offer official technical advice. (you need to register your GPU first with EVGA)
  5. Had the same problem w/ factory overclocked EVGA 295 FTW....... only way I could get it to work was to down clock it to "reference speeds" .... return it to factory overclock and driver failure message re-appeared. EVGA tech support tried to blame everything else in the computer but had no answer why switching to two Asus factory overclocked cards ....and they were oc'd an additional 15% beyond factory OC ...... ran just fine.

    Finally after 20 calls, 5 RMA's and 18 months of complaining, they replaced it with a stock 480.
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