Driver and DirectX crash with flashed 6950?

I have a 6950 2gb with dual bios flashed using techpowerup's method to a 6970 bios. The 6970 bios was working fine for a few days then, everytime I tried to open a program that uses DirectX such as BF3 or Skyrim, the screen goes black and a couple seconds later I get a message says AMD Catalyst Drivers have crashed. Also, the last time I tried to open MW3, the same crash happened, but also accompanied by a message saying DirectX has crashed also. Any idea what's going on and/or how to fix it?
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  1. By the way, my graphics card is the Sapphire Flex edition
  2. I will suggest you uninstall the drivers using driver sweeper.
    reboot and reinstall the latest ccc
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