I need a cpu upgrade for my gateway 5200s

The title says it all, I have a Intel® Pentium® 4 520 Processor 3.0ghz, and I want to play games like arma 2, arma 3, diablo 3, I also just bought a new graphics card but I need a new cpu to run some games.
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  1. I heard a AMD Phenom II 720 is a good cheaper one, but I don't know what is compatible with my computer...
  2. Don't got the money for a new system.
  3. Yeah sorry to let you know man but that needs to be completely rebuilt. You're likely better off building a custom PC than trying to upgrade something that doesn't even have PCIE. I highly doubt your CPU would even be the bottleneck and you wouldn't be able to get a good enough graphics card on that platform even if you were to overpay for the older style.
  4. I have a PCIE, I just installed a asus radeon hd4560 in it.
  5. there isn't an option for upgrade, your cpu is maxing out its socket already. the cpu was released in 2004, time for a new machine.
  6. Ah, well the spec sheet I found online fails then. Again, those games are not overly CPU demanding... you will get way better performance by returning that card and grabbing something along the lines of a HD 6670 or better than you would by doing anything to your CPU.
  7. Ok, well what along the lines of RAM? I only have 1GB
  8. ram for that machine will be way to expensive. 4gig kits for a new machine is around $30 US. don't waste anymore money on that box.
  9. But I don't have the money for a new computer -_-
  10. Ram for that guy is going to be $30 or more per 1GB chip... not sure on your current configuration but it could be pricey to grab more than an extra GB to play with.

  11. if you have money for a socket 775 cpu, and drr1 upgrade, and a video card.... you can grab a new mb, cheap cpu and ram for about that same price. dont throw money into an 8year old box.
  12. Well on can you run it it says My CPU dosen't pass, and I need 1.5gb of ram for diablo 3.
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