Can my motherboard use dual slot graphics cards

Hey guys, i bought a pre-built pc afew months ago (an advent dt1308) and I wanna upgrade the graphics card to a geforce gtx 560 or something along those lines. The graphics card the motherboard has in it the moment is single slot (its a gt 530) so i was wondering if a dual slot graphics card would fit in it?

P.S the motherboard i have is a ms-7728
P.S P.S If you haven't already guessed im a complete noob with this sort of thing so sorry if the answer is extremely obvious:D!

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  1. Yes you can put a two slot card in there , a two slot card will take up two slots on the motherboard so if you put it in the first slot it will cover over the next slot thereby taking up two slots.
  2. i think the motherboard only have 1 slot though, so will that be ok? Thanks for the fast response !
  3. All graphics cards are inserted into only one slot, but many card have thick heatsinks that make the card extend downwards and obstruct the second slot, the second slot isn't actually used. Make sure you have enough room in your case and a good PSU for the card you are getting though.
  4. as long as there is nothing that would get in the slot next to it look inside your case and look if theres anything that looks like it would get in the way next to the slot
  5. All you need is the one x16 full size pci-e slot and like I said in my other post the card will cover the second slot up but not actually use it , just cover it over because the card is so wide.
  6. The PSU i have should be enough for the cards i want, thanks for the fast responses guys this has really helped!
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