Could the intel i3 2100 run mw3 on high with a good gpu?

Looking to build a new pc
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  1. i3 + top end GPU will run any game on high/ultra depending on resolution...
  2. How much would i have to spend to get a 'top end' gpu? Or would i be better off, money saving wise, to get a better processor like the i5 2100 and a slightly less gpu?
  3. GPUs performance depends upon, among other things, screen resolution. However, a good card that should meet your needs is a 6870, or a gtx 560.

    the 6870 typically goes for less than the gtx 560. both those cards can be had for under 200.00. You can find them for considerably less. After mail in rebates you can get them for about 150ish.

    Its better if we know how much you want to spend and the current specs of your pc. Or if you are bulidng a new system fill this out
  4. For just MW3, a good GPU isn't even needed. A GTX550 will probably be overkill unless you're playing at extreme resolutions.
  5. i3 is perfectly fine for any game, as long as it is paired with a capable GPU. The GPU is where you want to be looking for.

    And about the i5 2100. No. the 2500k would be the only upgrade you should hink about, as it is OCable and can increase FPS a little bit.

    In my opinion though, you would be better off with the i3 and a nice vid card.
  6. @Snappyfingers, thank you keep looking in this thread for a post of mine in the near future. I found a nice pc setup (home building it from newegg) For around $750.

    I just want to make sure all the parts are compatible with each other :)
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