New build problems help pleas

id really appreciate any help or input that any of you can offer so here goes

i recently purchased a pre-overclocked bundle and a few odds and ends
i5 @ 4.5gz
8gig ram
120gb corsair force 3 ssd

anyway so i install windows and all my software without any issues, loading up the overclock profiles on one of the many restarts when installing software, PC was left up and running overnight when the next day i noticed that the system was firing up for about 4 secs then going off for a few secs then repeating...

I removed everything from case and sat the mobo on a box to try rule out it shorting or whatever and was had a slightly different issue with pc refusing to post whatsoever and just getting a slight jolt of power when starting then going dead...i figured it was a PSU issue as I was using a cheap psu so ordered a new PSU (corsair ZS 650w)
again when sitting the mobo on its box i got issues namely fans spinning but nothing from internal speaker and nothing showing on monitor, I decided to clear cmos (really didnt wanna do this as didnt wanna lose O/C) but it seemed to work and posted immediately, I then reassembled everything in case but for some reason windows7 install was;nt booting and so i attempted a repair but on reboot machine either doesnt post or i get a repeat of the previous problem when system powers up and down constantly.

again if i clear cmos i can fix the issue to the extent that i can get the machine to post but these problems keep recoccuring

anyone have any ideas??? im now completely lost as to what the problem may be

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  1. Sounds like a Memory issue, always a good place to start. Try removing one stick assuming yours is 2x4 and start it with one, if this doesn't help try the other stick in the same socket, if this doesn't help try another socket till your out of combinations. if it starts with no problem in either configuration its a bad stick of ram. Run Memtest from the install directory to confirm. If this doesn't work check out this thread, it will remove all suspicion of hardware and then its been narrowed down to software.
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