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I plugged my new "GeForce 430" into my "Gateway DX4831". Without the card the computer loads. With the card attached the screen stays black and does not recognize the card I guess. I hear it load up fans spinning just no visual on my monitor. I tried to look for a way to "disable the onboard graphics card". I can't find it. I checked "Device Manager" I dont see "Display Adapters." In BIOS I don't know what to change if it's there. I didn't see anything labeled PCI or Video. I have read through what I could on google. This site keep coming up 7/10 searchs. After reading what I could I still cant figure it out.

Someone get me going in the right direction. I don't want to pay geek squad to do this. Here are some screen shots+photos if it helps.

Manufacture Gateway
Model: DX4831
Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU 530@ 2.93GHz 2.93GHz
Installed Memory (RAM) 6.00GB (5.87 GB usable)
System Type 64-bit Operating System
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  1. Make sure you plug the card correctly and put the cable from your monitor to the card (Not the Motherboard).
  2. I got it. I read a solution somewhere that made me think I wouldn't get a picture. I was so angry, I couldn't see it. Just need to move hdmi cord from old slot to new slot. The computer disable the onboard automaticly when the Graphic Card was placed. I swear 5hours of this and I just had a Face Palm moment. Just needed to sit back and look at what I was doing.
  3. :lol:

    But just have a good day with your new GPU installed (and it's working of course) :).
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