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To play BF2 online I want to get my ping as low as possible.When I open windows task manager (ALT+CTRL+DEL) there are processes running but Im not sure if I can identify each entry.
Is there an easier way to close unwanted background apps?
I used a trial version of IOLO SYSTEM MECHANIC which claimed to speed up internet speed - do these apps work?
Or will I have to manually configure the settings (I read about this but it seemed a bit complicated), but if so, so be it
so how do I get pings as low as possible without changin ISP?
Any replies would be much appreciated
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  1. As long as none of the things running in the background are accessing the internet they should not effect your ping much.
    What is your current internet connection?

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  2. The most those other apps do is change your MTU down from 1500 to 1467 or whatever the ethernet standard is.

    I play BF2 over a 3.5mbit cable connection. I've tweaked my computer a fair amount and my ping will range from 60 to 180 depending on the server connection I get.
  3. I have adsl 2MB adsl with freedom 2 surf (a good deal) and I notice pings vary with time of day but all I want to ensure is that my connection is optimised during BF2 gameplay
    I have
    p4 3.0GHz
    1 GB ram (2x512 dual channel)
    gigabyte 6600GT turbo
    Soundblaster audigy 2
    other stuff
    Do apps like system mechanic which claim to increase your connection speed work?
    I ran a test on BBC website to determine your internet speed and the figure was slightly hugher but it will also vary with traffic so I cant be sure if it was worth the bucks
    Once again thanks for your help
  4. It's not your DSL that is varying, it's peak times during game play on the server and other people's connections which is causing your ping to change. If the server has a lot of laggy people connecting, it'll bog the server down and thus effect everyone.

    Some 3rd party software apps help increase your internet, but they're just doing basic things that a lot of tech savvy people already do. It's just cleaning your computer up of things using your resources. I personally don't use.. there are a few programs out there that might do a few other things that work good.

    You're really at the mercy of how good of a connection the server has along with all the people who play. You, like me, probably stick to the 64 player maps.

    Try playing on a 16 or 32 and you'll see there is almost no lag. The more you get, the more work the server is getting, along with lag, etc, which will ultimately come down and slow your server connection down.

    There really isn't much you can do until someone posts something about tweaking BF2's files to increase performance.. a lot of games these days have small tweaks you can do in the files that make game play a lot better.
  5. I checked out the MTU thing to. Ethernet is 1518 MAX but your router is set to transmit only 1500... meaning the packets are getting broken up.

    Set your MTU on your PC to be no more than 1482.. somewhere around 1480 would be good. That will keep your router from having to split data packets up to send. This needs to be set on your PC.. while the improvement might be really insignificant, it might actually decrease your LAN speeds a small amount.
  6. Disclaimer: This way is not easier =)
    And google will tell you fi each process is usefull and I think Spybot S&D has a little database in the other utility section...

    Open up a command prompt type netstat -a -o(need XP for the -o switch)

    That will give you every TCP UDP conenction you have opened. Theres a PID row at the end, it tells you wich process runs that connection.

    Open task manager go on the process tab, select the view menu and select columns, add PID(if its not already there).

    Now check connection that are made and to wich thread its linked. Close whats unnecesary! (btw you need svchost, and theres more than 1 instance ;-) )

    This can take some times but you can find some intersting stuff and really limit the amount of program using your connection!

    Oh and this trick is great to find someone's ip with Messenger :wink:

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  7. Oooh nice.. so if I open up an IM chat session I can pull someone's IP address? Nice.. that'll be fun. :)
  8. you have to have a file transfer =)
    the conenction has to be established...Works like wonder and you get the modem's mac adress wich is unique and you can store for future use(at least works like that with the two main cable/dsl provider in my city)

    You can do nslookup on what you get.

    Tricky part is having a file sent/received heh

    Asus P4P800DX, P4C 2.6ghz@3.25ghz, 2X512 OCZ PC4000 3-4-4-8, MSI 6800Ultra stock, 2X30gig Raid0
  9. thanks for that I will need to try the setting change
    For anyone interested I have found a great resource at www.thesasclan.org.uk/forum which gives links to explain it all. I will have to study it a bit as this is a bit new to me but I am grateful for the help
    cheers again
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