How many case fans can i connect to the power supply?

Hi everybody!

Im going to build a computer soon that has 3 case fans and im just wondering how many case fans can i connect to the power supply? I will be getting this one:


Sorry for my language, im swedish :na:
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  1. Fans don't draw much power at all, you can run a few off a single molex connector, I wouldn't worry about trying to run even 20 fans on a PSU, their power draw is so low.
  2. Basically your case won't have enough space for fans to max out your PSU.
  3. fans have negligible power requirements. fans can easily irl be powered by batteries for a good amount of time, which is pale in comparison to a full blown power supply
  4. I have a total of ten fans connected to my PSU, all but one of them are connected to the motherboard fan headers using fan power splitters. You could connect many more fans than you could use to your power supply. Here's the PSU calculator that I use:

    I allows you to take into account a very large number of fans.
  5. Thank you so much for your replys! It really helped me out :D
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