GTX 560 any good?


I would like to upgrade my current system by placing a videocard.
my first thought was an radeon 6870 or 6850. At my local store they only sell nvidia cards and they rcomended me an GTX560

are these cards any good or should I place another videocard ?



GPU built in 6550D


PSU ADATA 650 watt

HDD WD green 1 TB
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  1. Sure a GTX 560 is a good little card because it is a re badged GTX 460 however even the 6850 slightly edges it out in performance and the 6870 is the clear winner overall but not by a staggering amount.
  2. Compared to the GTX 560 (non ti version), the 6870 is slightly faster, but also cheaper cooler and consumes less energy.
  3. Why can't you buy a 6870 online?
  4. Hey dude i have a gtx 560 and i can tell that it is very good.But i think that you must change your cpu to an intel one.And your motherboard is quite is a low end.IF you want good performance go with this configuration:
    Gtx 560 (The one i have)


    Motherboard-MSI p67a-c45

    Anyway your answer is that the gtx 560 is a very good graphics card
  5. I would say you're good with the setup you have, but be sure that your power supply is GOOD and has at least 500-600W or so.
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