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Hello, I had 2 Dell opti gx 110s' . A friend took the two and made 1 . Boosting it as far as he could . Running Win XP w/ 3 serv pks . Has creative Sound blast card . No sound ! not even a ding . Checked all cables . Ran to stereo amp nada . have went through everything I can think of . Friend moved so no help there . Any Ideas ? Thanks .
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  1. Did you disable the on-board sound in BIOS? And is Windows Sound defaulting to the new card or the on-board.
  2. Sound Blaster drivers installed?
  3. As they said already I would make sure the drivers are installed and up to date. Also make sure the PCI slot is enabled in the BIOS and the onboard audio is off. Last thing check to make sure your speakers are enabled in Windows.
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