FireGL X2-256t, good enough for 1080p HTPC?

I've spent hours searching online, but I can't find anyone that has tried building a HTPC using an ATI FireGL X2-256t card (its hardware is virtually identical to the 9800XT; I couldnt find anyone using that card for HTPC's either, just gaming).

It has dual DVI outputs... and its its GPU is more powerful than a lot of current HDMI cards, but is its firmware too outdated for it to do 1080p smoothly? Does anyone have personal experience with this card? Besides tossing it or Ebaying, whats the best possible use for it?

I have a bunch of old PC components laying around, I'd like to make use of them if possible instead of tossing them.
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  1. When you have it, Just try it and see if it's good or not.
  2. The card is old enough that it won't allow you to play HDCP material. Also, it won't offload any of the newer HD video codecs like h.264 and VC-1 from the CPU.

    So, what does that mean? Your CPU will have to do all of the video decoding for playback through software. For 1080p at high bitrates that will require a pretty fast CPU.

    For the HDCP issue, you can get around it using software like AnyDVD. It's probably better to just get a more modern video card for HTPC duties.
  3. I think the first Radeon cards that could off-load some of the video decoding from the CPU started with the Radeon X1xxx series (x1600 for example). Therefore, the CPU will be doing all the video decoding. Not a problem for DVD movies or DivX / XviD movies, but that can be a problem for Blu-Ray and HD movies.
  4. It's not really worth trying to eBay. If it is a PCI-e card, then you can keep as an emergency backup card in case you the video card in your PC / HTPC fails.
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