Will empire total war work at a good speed on my computer

my computer is the Dell DIMENSION DIM4700, my processor is the Intel Pentium 4 CPU 3.00GHz, i have 2GB of RAM and i have microsoft windows XP home edition with service pack 3. I will be getting a new graphics card for it tommorow that will be 512 Mb. will empire Total war work on my computer without having too much lag.
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  1. Depends on what video card you got, the memory amount is one of the worst ways of saying if the card is any good. What is the model of the card?

    You meet the minimum specs, but for smooth play you'll probably have to turn down video settings. The CPU is a bit slow also, so you'll have some issues with that, should not be too much though, as long as the settings are not set too high.
  2. Hang the 9 is right I started out wih a dell inspiron 580 with a 300w psu and i3 cpu and a gt 220 gpu with 1gb of vram and I would get a lot of laging while in battles not on campain map Oh ya I had 6gb of ram. I hope you will do better than I did back then. Good luck to you
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