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6950 video card won't play BF3

I just had a new card (Radeon 6950) and power supply because i couldn't run BF3 with my Nividia 200. Now when I launch BF3, I go into launch campaign and it starts to load, screen goes black and it returns me to the main menu.
My screen is frozen but the game manager says it is playing.
I have tried installing all the current drivers, uninstalled and reinstalled the game but nothing works.
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  1. Try uninstalling the graphics driver and maybe also the BF3 (if you can, I'm not sure if you can or not but if you can't install it in normal mode) in safe mode and reinstall them there (also in safe mode). Then reboot to normal mode and see the difference... What CPU?
  2. Have you tried other games? If not, do. Also run a benchmark on the card to make sure it's OK on it's own.
  3. Have you uninstalled the Nvidia drivers completley?

    Also what PSU are you using?
  4. deadjon said:
    Have you uninstalled the Nvidia drivers completley?

    Also what PSU are you using?

    Yeah..what he said
  5. Ya I unistalled the Nividia software. I keep getting this DirectX 11 error when it does say something to me. Mostly it just freezes on the main page and says i am playing.
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    Reinstalling windows is the easiest and fastest solution to resolving DirectX related issues.
  7. Do a clean install of Windows and do some windows update.
  8. What version of windows are you running?
    What does the rest of your system look like?
    Are you using the newest drivers from AMDs website?
  9. Windows 7 home premium. I agree with you guys. I took it back to Microbytes now tough and i guess I will be on the hook for the diagnostics and windows reinstall. It is what I thought it might be also. As soon as that is done if it works I will let you guys know. Thx for the replys to my questions. It helps me realize I am not nuts even if I don't know that much about PCs
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