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ATI HD 6570 or HD 5670

I just buy new PC with this specs:

Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium (64bit)
Intel® Core™ i3 2120
(3.3GHz / 3MB Cache)
Intel® H61 Express Chipset
Intel® HD Graphics
6x USB 2.0, 2x PS/2, D-sub/HDMI™w/HDCP
1x PCI Express®2.0 X16, 3x PCI Express®2.0 X1

Now I want to buy new graphic card (HD 6570 or HD 5670)

Are they suitable with my PC?

I also want to ask which one is better, 6570 or 5670?

Btw I only want to play FIFA 2012, PES 2012 and NFS.
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  1. I believe the HD 5670 is a little more powerful than the HD 6570.

    What power supply do you have?
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    The 5670 is vastly superior - It runs at much higher clocks and sports GDDR5 rather than GDDR3 - It may have 80 less cores but it is much faster overall.

    As an Alternative - the Asus 6670 uses GDDR5 too and has more cores and faster clocks than either of the above - so add that to the list if it is in your price range.
  3. Sorry i'm still new to this, i dont know what type my power supply is.

    but these cards compatible with my pc right?
  4. a radeon hd 5670 with 1 gb gddr5 vram will be better. a radeon hd 6670 1 gb gddr5 will be even better. for your pc, add 2 gb more ram (2x 2gb), 2 gb is minimum for windows 7 64 bit.
  5. Both of these cards don't need the extra pcie power source so your power supply should be ok. These cards are should be compatible with your mobo but the question is are they powerful enough to give you the quality and resolution you want to play the game? Find out what is the minimum and recommended system requirement for that game then decide which card to get.

    If it requires a more powerfull gpu then you may want check if your PSU can provide the power needed by that card.
  6. 5670 is a bit better than 6570.But considering that u have a good cpu consider going for a 6770 or 6790.

    Something else @what resolution will u play ?
  7. Thank you for all the commments

    for resolution if I can't get the max I just go with the medium setting.
  8. resolution means your display resolution and/or the resolution you'll be playing the games at e.g. 1280x1024, 1280x800, 1366x768, 1024x768, 1440x900, 1600x900, 1650x1080, 1920x1080 and so on ......(ran out of breath).
    the 6670 1 gb gddr5 will be okay for the first 4-5 resolutions i listed. however to play the games you named, check with their system requirements and the gfx cards they recommended. here's tom's gfx card hierarchy chart, in case you need to compare.,3085-7.html
    also make sure your psu can support the gfx card you choose.
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