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AMD 7000 GPUs-WaterBlocks ??

Will WaterBlocks be coming soon for the 7000 serise cards ?. I hope Swiftech will come out with a full cover waterblock like the Komodo.Any one Know??
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    They will for sure. But you have to wait for the cards to be available first. Aftermarket cooling solutions usually take at least a month or more to hit market.
  2. Thanks I hope it's soon after the release. I have two 6970 XFX cards now with the komodo blocks,I have some Videos on YouTub(laundryman200) might just get another 6970 my Asus Crosshair IV can handle another card,but I'm thinking about doing a new build with the new AMD 8 core CPU and the rampage IV ,I will see how the cash flow is .Yhanks again
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