Aftermarket fan controller but no option in bios to disable cpu fan check

i need to find a bios that will work with a hp m8300f with a ECS MCP61PM-HM motherboard that i can disable the cpu fan check and system fan check
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  1. BIOS are usually proprietary for each board & can not be selected based on a feature. But as I know, CPU & SYS fan control can be set in most BIOS.

    What do you want to do? Do you want to set the fan speeds in the BIOS to maximum & let the aftermarket fan controller do the controlling?

    But I doubt you need to do that at all. As I understand the aftermarket fan controller connects directly to the PSU & then you connect the case fans to the fan controller. And the BIOS have nothing to do with it. I also suggest to leave the CPU fan within the control of the BIOS.
  2. when i have the fans on the fan contoller ,the computer will not boot because it sayd the system/cpu fan has failed i would like to have the cpu fan connected to the controller as well because the controller has an auto feature based on heat that way its quiet when cool and only runs at higher speed when needed
  3. The motherboard already have that same feature. You can set in the BIOS the target temperature under which, the cpu fan will run low & will speed up when it goes beyond. You do not need an after market controller to do that.

    What is the brand & model of your aftermarket controller, anyway?
  4. Its a nzxt sentry 2 and the bios on my computer has basically no option just to change boot order change time n date n really that's about it
  5. That is strange, I had an ECS GF8200A motherboard before which is also an AM2/AM2+ motherboard & it does have CPU fan automatic control. Unfortunately I do not have it now to tinker with & give you a tip where it can be found. But having a different board although of the same brand does not have a guarantee.

    Sorry to ask but just to make sure, have you searched all possible menu's in the BIOS?
  6. i have i got some pics of the options but not sure how to insert them
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    OP, in your second post your problem is quite clear, but I don't think you understand all the issues. You say, "the controller has an auto feature based on heat", but what heat?

    Most mobos have TWO automatic fan control systems. Each is based on a temperature sensor to measure the actual temps at particular spots, and vary cooling according to that. These are simple feedback control loops - each uses changes in fan speeds to keep a measured temperature within range of a setpoint. The real key in each case is what temperature is being measured and used?

    The CPU_FAN port runs the CPU cooling fan. Its associated temperature sensor is actually built into your CPU itself, so it is measuring the actual temp inside your CPU chip at some critical spot. NO third-party fan controller can get at that signal and use it, so you actually can NOT control any fan according to that sensor. You MUST let the mobo's system do that job IF you want to control that way. If you do not, you can only control the CPU fan's speed with some less-pertinent method - either a temperature measured by some other sensor mounted (where?), or just manually set your fan speed as you like. But some simple inside-case temp is not a good measure of the temp inside your CPU.

    Now, the mobo has at least one separate sensor mounted somewhere in the mobo itself, and that is the one it uses for controlling case fan speeds. If you prefer to use a third-party controller with its own temp sensors you mount somewhere in the case, I can believe you might pick a sensor signal that is just as valid as the one the mobo would use. So that make sense to me, but the CPU cooling control is better left to the mobo CPU_FAN port, I think.

    If you cannot find a place in you BIOS to tell it to ignore the CASE fan speed signals when you use your third-party fan controller, maybe the way is to tell the BIOS to Disable the case fan automatic control system entirely.
  8. Hey thanx for your reply i did decide just to leave the CPU fan in the right spot i got a spinQvt so it's super quiet anyway
  9. Okay, good for you. Enjoy your PC!
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