SSD or Case Upgrade?

Hello, I have a decision to make and I wanted to get some other peoples opinions, I have around 120 dollars right now and I am stuck between upgrading my case or getting a 120GB SSD. My current case is a Rosewill Challenger and I do not like it much, I think I need better cooling and the looks of the case I do not like either, My current Hard Drive is a Hitachi Deskstar 750GB 7200RPM 32MB and I have heard about these Hard Drives crashing at around the 6 month period and that is about how long I have had mine, so I want to also upgrade my hard drive to an SSD for an overall better PC experience, Which should I go for? a better case or an SSD upgrade?
Another thing is that I do not want to have a really awesome gaming computer but a sorta mid range case you know? If I am going to keep upgrading I might as well make my computer look nice.

BTW the case I want is a NZXT Phantom but if anyone else has any suggestions please let me know =)
and the SSD I am thinking of upgrading to is a OCZ Agility 3 120GB but I am up for suggestions on that one also :D
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  1. I'd take the SSD :)
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    I would go for the SSD, you will never look back when you do :D
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