Windows 7 will not complete startup (WerFault.exe error)

when i try to boot up my laptop i get a WerFault.exe error. (WerFault.exe Exception illegal instruction (0x000001d) ocured in the application 0xfb686842.

I've seen some postings on this subject telling people to do various things in control panel settings, but my computer never makes it that far. It just stays on the desktop screen with no widows button or any desktop icons ever appearing. is there anything i can do? please help!
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  1. Try booting into safe mode by holding down F8. If that works then you can move on to other corrective measures.
  2. booting in safe mode does not help. I just end up with a grey screen that says safe mode in the corner. any other ideas?
  3. It sounds like it does POST though, i.e. can you get into the bios. So start up off your OS DVD in safe mode and then try to correct the WerFault issue, HERE are some ideas on that.

    If those ideas don't help you may have to do a repair installation.
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