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After having stock pcs from stores for my entire life i decided to build my own pc, i dont have all the money for it so im getting piece by piece ive found everything i want except a cpu, im a first time builder and i consider myself much more of a pro gamer then pro builder so i honestly dont know what to get for a cpu so i was hoping someone could point me in the right direction, the main point of this pc is gaming, i also am on the web watching videos alot, burning movies, and some video editing. bottom line is i need the absolute best bang for the buck, Amd or Intel it does not matter im going to buy a mobo when i get the cpu so thats not a problem but i want the best for my money. any reply would be much appreciated .
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  1. You need to list a firm budget for a complete build. Don't buy components piecemeal one at a time; by the time you get everything together for building, some of your components may be outdated or actually priced lower. Pc parts go down in price, so buy everything at once; be patient and save; I recommend a minimum for building of $700 for the parts only.
  2. Im getting a gpu and psu within the month cuz i wana play games im going to use it in my current pc, when i get some more money a few months from now around christmas im buy the case, Cpu, Mobo, and Cpu fan. so i do have a while for the prices to drop but id like a Great Performance cpu.
  3. Well can you be more specific on your EXACT needs? Like which games you play, which software you use to edit etc.
  4. If you live by a microcenter, i5 2500k is 180 bucks, or combo deal with a motherboard and get that i5 2500k 30-50 dollars off. It's not a good idea to get computer parts piece by piece. 6 months or 5 months later, there will be new parts on the market or you buy a part and find it's broken and your 30 day return policy expired.

    Save a good 700-900 dollars. What games and what graphics settings do you plan on playing? max settings on a game like BF3, be expected to spend 800-1000 minimum.
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