Front audio and usb port not working when graphic card is installed

front audio and usb port not working when graphic card (nvidia graphic card - 8400GS 1GB 64BIT DDR3) is installed??
please help..........
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  1. Make sure your graphics card hasnt knocked the cable which connects your front in/out and USB ports.

    Try changing to audio input/output settings, if you are useing realtek hd audio, there will be an icon in "control panel" where you can configure the ports.
  2. i dont use realtek as it doesnt install in my comp and andd i am unable to find cable of front audio port
    but when i remove graphic card , audio port starts working , but as i insert graphic card again sound is lost........
    my front usb starts working when i disable usb suspend setting in power management option in control panel and when i change power management settings of usb serial root bus -> (usb root hub) in drive manager
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