Pro advice please

Approximate Purchase Date: ASAP

Budget Range: not above 1900 preferrably around 1750-1800

System Usage from Most to Least Important: gaming, gaming, gaming, schoolwork that a pentium can handle, and web browsing

Parts Not Required: monitor, speakers, headphones, mouse, keyboard, headset, and accesories

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: newegg

Country: USA

Parts Preferences by brand and type: intel cpu, and cooler master haf x case

Overclocking: DEFINITLEY

SLI or Crossfire: now, no; later, most likely

Monitor Resolution: now, 1920 x 1080; later, 5760 x 1080

Additional Comments:

1 want a red on black color scheme
2 dont mind the accessories in the wish list

heres a link to my wish list

my build

if the link dosent work dont worry because i will be trying to fix it

edit: sorry i had to change the link a few times to get it to work but it should work now
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  1. was actually also wondering if those are good accesories
  2. Why do you need an eATX motherboard? Drop down to an ATX and save $130 by getting the Z68-V/Gen3. A full tower isn't needed at that price range. I'd drop down to the Corsair 500R. Silverstone is a bad PSU manufacturer. Antec, XFX, PCPC, Seasonic or Corsair are MUCH more reliable. You can get the XFX 850W 80PLUS BRONZE PSU for later CF/SLI and it is $50 cheaper. With the $ saved, ditch the 60GB Corsair SSD and get a Crucial M4 128GB SSD for $175. You don't need antistatic wriststraps. Save yourself the $15 and just touch the metal part of the case ever so often when building. I would not get that Cyborg mouse. Cyborg doesn't use quality parts and that mouse is overpriced anyway. Get the Logitech G500 instead and save yourself $40 or so. I also would not get a USB Wifi adapter. PCI will give you more stability and better value/performance, whereas the USB can easily break.

    Oh and btw, that 7970 is out of stock.
  3. 1 im not changing to a blue mobo it will stick out like a sore thumb in my build
    2 i LOVE the case so not changing it
    3 i will change to a corsair ax850 for psu
    4 i will change to a crucial m4 but i DO NOT NEED 120gb so i'll get the 64gb version
    5 i think id rather spend $15 dollars on a static wrist ban instead of taking the chance i might forget to touch the case
    6 the cyborg mouse looks cool, is fully customizable, and i can always get a refund if i dont like it
    7 i take care of my adapters
    8 ill wait for the 7970
  4. Alright, enjoy your new computer then. It's your choice to not follow advice given.
  5. alright fine ill follow your advice under ONE condition, you have to give me a reason for each thing you told me to change
  6. Read carefully. I did exactly that.
  7. alright fine i will now list off your reasons and my reasons not to follow your reasons

    1 i should get a z68-v because i sont need that big of a mobo.
    my reasons to get this are because it goes with my color scheme, its an rog built for oc'ing, (which i will do ALOT of) and its an overall great mobo and also i will be adding more cards as it becomes necessary to keep up with games.
    2 i sould get a 500r instead of a haf x since i dont need a full tower.
    my reasons to get the haf x are because it goes GREAT with my color scheme, i want a full tower for better air flow, i want more space for cf, and i REALLY like this case and all its extras
    3 i should get a different brand of psu
    i dont have any reason to stay with silverstone so i went with the corsair ax850
    4 i should get a crucial m4 128gb ssd
    since i have no reason to stay with corsair on this one i went with the crucial m4 only i dont need any more than the 64gb version since im only putting my os on it
    5 i dont need an anti static wristband
    my reason to get it anyways is because i sont want to forget to touch the case and screw up my parts
    6 i shouldnt get a mouse from cyborg since they dont have quality parts and the rat 7 is overpriced
    my reasons to get it is i doubt you have gotten this mouse and if you havent gotten this mouse then how do you know that it isnt made out of quality parts and if you havent had it then how do you know its overpriced??? if you have had THIS mouse pls say so
    7 i should not get a wireless adapter since they usually break
    my reasons to get it anyways is because ive had at least TWENTY wireless adapters in my life and havent broken a single one and i cant plug in a cable since the connections to my router are already being used

    if you have any counter reasons for mine pls post and i will consider pls note that i am not trying to provoke anyone
  8. You don't need to have something to know the quality of it. You can base that off of others' reviews. Also, you should be more clear in your OP. You mentioned nothing about a color scheme, so how are we supposed to know?
  9. where are these reviews??? pls post a link to them and if you look at the additional comment section on the first post it specifically says "want a red on black color scheme"
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