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Hi everyone,

I am looking to build my own line of gaming computers for business purposes. I am looking to find a company who can build cases for me using a custom design that I provide. Anyone know a company that I can contact regarding this?

Thank you in advance!
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  1. check out , they customize cases
  2. Thanks.

    These cases are very expensive (not that I think I'll find any truly cheap ones) and I was hoping for something more customized to my designs. That and maybe a source in China who can sell to me at a wholesale price.

    Thanks, I appreciate the response.
  3. Plus, they have the case makers logo on the cases.
  4. You might consider looking around locally for CNC shops that work with Acrylic. They may be able to help you out.
  5. I'm sorry, what does CNC stand for?
  6. crodriguez88 said:
    I'm sorry, what does CNC stand for?

    Computer numerical control. Basically its a big, expensive machine you can input dimensions into and it will cut things (in this case acrylic) in specific designs. I have a friend who does custom acrylic display cases, I approached him about making me a custom case. I wanted one of the Pyramid PC cases that look kinda cool, he told me they were a bit complicated for the type of work he does (mostly by hand) and he recommended I got a CNC shop to have it done.

    BTW: Computers building computers.. Kinda creepy innut? I think I've seen more than one dystopian movie that started out that way.

    I wanted something like this, while it may happen one day, I've shelved the idea for now:

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